About Relationsinstitutet

Relationsinstitutet was founded to further the philosophical development within the field of relationships. Our approach is to discover, not dictate the truth. So we will not produce any guides to perfect relationships. Instead, we encourage serious reflection on all matters of relationships.

Today there is no inclusive perspective on relationships and their relation to social norms. Many of the current organisations and websites that produce or publish thoughts about relationships are based on unspoken and unchallenged assumptions. The complicated aspects of relationships are often treated as something that should be simplified or fixed. Instead, we argue that the complexity is something we can live with.

Our activities currently include publishing texts and arranging public events, such as panel discussions, workshops and education.

Interested in getting involved?
Relationsinstitutet is a non-profit organisation (organisation number 802490-4032). If you want to join us in working for relationships, connect with us!